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High school here in Western Venezuela is much the same as how your high school would function in the States. School starts at 7:50 am and goes until 3:20 pm. As in any school you'll receive your quota of homework.

But high school is much more than just hitting the books. Dorm-life shapes the high school. The dorm is where studies occur, pranks are pulled, stories are told and everything else that kids would do.

Life at the Senior Girls dorm is, well, I guess fun. I don't know what they do I'm a guy. Listening to music, running in the rain and talking; I guess that's fun.

Sorry girls, but the Senior Guys dorm is where the fun is at, even during study hour. Saturday morning is the only time at the SBD that it is hard to find something to do because all the guys are sleeping until 11:30.
Otherwise it is a blast, telling jokes, playing sports, TFL and even just talking with buddies or the Dormparents.

The CA high school body is small but has all the components that make up a high school. The 4.0ers, the 2.0ers, the sportaholics, and even the computer geniuses. We the students along with the staff form this most illustrious high school. Chaio!

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