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At CA, we try to keep God first.  To do this we encourage various activities that not only help us focus on God but also reach the

community with God's light.  We believe that as we grow closer to God, we can be used by Him in order to reach the community.
      In order to grow closer to God, we meet as a body several times during the week.  Sr. Church meets at 10:30 on Sunday mornings, and Jr. Church starts at 11:00 on Sundays.  Along with this, we have a junior-high youth group that meets every Sunday evening.  The high-school meets at 7:30 on Sunday evenings also. 
Besides this, there are many small groups that meet weekly.  During these times, teachers and staff meet with students for the purpose of mutual encouragement and growth in their relationship with God.
     Along with these, C.A. has several outreach ministries to reach the community.  Four groups of students go out into different locations to share God's love with the community.  Three of the groups do children's clubs with songs, Bible stories, and games.  The other ministry goes to the old folks home and simply talk with the people.  This variety allows students to pick an outreach that they enjoy and allows them to get experience sharing God's word.

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May 3, 2000

Dear family and friends,

I trust your Easter celebration was filled with joy and praise in remembering the sacrifice Christ made for us as HE died to pay for our sins. I just wanted you to know that GOD has blessed the work of our hands and about 1000 people came in to the family of GOD this week!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD! I am writing this just 1and1/2 weeks after returning from Acarigua. I wanted to be sure to let you know as quickly as possible how the LORD worked there and in the lives of my students and myself.

Just to give you an idea of our schedule we rose early for prayer at 6:30. We had large group prayer (about 100 people) and then broke into our neighborhood groups for more prayer. I know prayer is vital and works but I didn't realize how very important it was to bathe ourselves in prayer. THe spiritual warfare was rough. We had breakfast about 9 am followed by meetings until 12 or 1 pm. These meetings helped our group of 200 "short term" missionaries to catch the vision about how we might reach the world for Christ just by 'going and telling and making disciples'. The basic plan pray, make new friends or visit friends, share GOD's word, leave the gospels with them, present the Gospel, ask if they want to make a decision to follow CHRIST or if not ask if they would be interested in participating in a small group bible study(evangelistic) . Since this was like a crusade we did other stuff. But the meetings were basicly about what the church is supposed to be doing (evangelism and making disciples)and how to do it. We had lunch after these meetings and then had some free time or time to practice mimes or skits or songs or shower or plan what we were going to do in our neighborhood that night. We left for our neighborhoods (we worked in 14) about 4 pm. The first 2 hours was spent in pairs ( a 'missionary' and a local church member ) visiting 8 people on one street from the neighborhood. We got to know them and read a few verses from Matthew one day , Mark the next etc. Then on Firday we presented the Gospel and asked if they wanted to make a decision for CHRIST. During the week we also invited them to nightly events. We had puppets and drama and mime and songs and movies etc. The Gospel was clearly presented each night. Saturday night was a Harvest night bringing all the people from the neighborhoods together. There was praying for all who had come into the family of GOD. It was awesome to see all 1000 come forward. ANother 1000 was there that heard the Message,but hadn't excepted yet. We returned nightly to the school where we stayed and shared what happened in our neighborhoods until about 11pm. THe stories were awesome, glorifying GOD in every way.After that meeting we had dinner and went to bed. It was exhausting but awesome!

Some of you probably heard about the Spiritual warfare we experienced. One afternoon one of my kids From Christiansen Academy started shaking his hand and foot uncontrollaby on one side. After 2 trips to the doctor and a cat scan while we were there, there was no evidence of anything causing this trembling.The cool thing was that when we prayed to stop the trembling it stopped. Since getting back to Rubio he had more and was taken to the hospital here and many more tests done without finding a cause. I have never felt spiritual warfare so alive and well. That first day of the trembling i felt the ruler of this world attacking me and our group. another one of my kids had an allergic reaction that same day. He too was fine. Then one of my girls got her glasses broken and is blind without them. She was able to repair them the next day but that night she was really losing it. But praise be to GOD i felt peace while trusting HIM during all of it and GOd granted the students the same. HE gave me the strength.

I as well as the kids were really convicted on the issue of going and telling . I need to do it more i don't do it nearly enough. I consider my gifts to be more in the making disciples area but i know that GOD has commanded each of us to Go and tell and i need to obey.THe kids realized the same.I couldn't believe how easy it was in the format they laid out. It was amazing. God gets all the praise! I was slightly frustrated at first as well as some of my kids because we wanted the people we visited it to accept the gift, God had freely given them. So we prepared the field as it was and planted the seeds. Some saw no one they visited come to know the LORD and they learned they need to pray and trust GOD for the results . Others saw as many as 20 come to know the LORD. I was personally blest by having the words in order to share the Gospel with a girl and have her accept it and believe it and trust in GOD as her savior! Pray for this girl specificly her name is Carmen and she is 15. Also pray for me. I have a desire to folllow this plan in my life as far as not just letting my life be the example but by telling more and asking if they want to receive the gift. I think alot of the time before i just assumed they would ask if they wanted the gift but i realize you need to ask them. I would like to build a life centered more around tthe going and telling but in order to execute this plan in my life i will need to free up some time because my schedule is heavily focused on the discipleship part of things . It won't be easy but i know i must be obedient. I have a renewed zest for evangelism and a desire to share it with some in NJ who don't know HIM as well as people here. Also pray for us as a group of 17. We had been planning an evangelism week and now it has just quadrulpled as far as the vision goes. So pray that GOD would show us how to get the rest of the students to catch the vision.

Some students are just excited about doing another AMA this summer and have been seriously impacted by GOD's work in tthem throough this trip. Others are still trying to catch the vision that went on the trip. But i know that GOd worked in the hearts of all the students and we the leaders and that is exciting.! Praise GOD. I think GOD is preparing many future full time missionaries from our group. That is awesome!

Well I have written a lot. I hope you don't just skim but read it all. It is good stuff. Have any questions or comments? Write me, I would love to hear from you.

Love, Melissa "Lisa" Maier

Senior Church

Every Sunday at 10:30, the staff and students of C.A. meet together at the school to praise Gad and study His word. On any given Sunday there are about 130 people in the auditorium. The first half-an-hour to forty-five minutes is spent praising God through songs. After that, the message is given. Because of the fact that C.A. does not have a full time Pastor, some of the staff members take turns speaking each week. The services are organized by the Senior Church Council, a body of students and a staff member. Along with making sure that the chairs and sound system is sey up, they also decide what happens with the weekly offering. Right now, one of the things that they are doing is supporting a Venezuelan missionary family in Mexico.

Youth Group

The Senior High Youth Group meets every week. It is optional but almost all of the High School comes. It opens with a few games and then it is back inside to praise God. They spend 30 minutes singing and clapping to the music played by the band. The band is composed of students who play various instruments. After that our youth leader gives the message. The Youth group name is Mind the Gap. The name sums up out desire to cross the gap between the way we are living and the way that Chris lived while on the earth.

Outreach Ministries

On Sunday afternoons, several outreaches go out around the community of Rubio. Teams of students and staff members go out ot various locations around town and share God's word. Right now, there are four groups that go out every Sunday after lunch. Two of them go to poor areas of Rubio where they sing songs, play games, color, and teach Bible stories to children. Every week as the cars pull up, one can hear the children shouting, "los gringos."(the Americans) The third group does something very similar in a town call Bicentenario that is located about twenty minutes out of Rubio. Here, the response is the same as in the other areas of Rubio. The last ministry is quite different from these. Seven or eight students walk down to the old folks home every week to be with the people there. For many of the residents it is one of the only visits that they get. The students go simply to be there and talk, laugh or just sit with them. They want to show the love of Jesuss to these people through their lifestyles.

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