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Last Update: Feb. 1, 2000

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Sports at CA are a major activity. Tons of time and energy are spent by the players, coaches and referees during all three seasons: BASKETBALL, Softball/Volleyball, and last and also least soccer (sorry guys).


BASKETBALL is by far the most loved of the CA sports. There are teams for all ages, Midget through Varsity, with teams for girls and guys. There are on average three games a week for the JV and Varsity teams.

(Editor's Note: This page was authored by a basketball player. Please excuse his overzealousness.)

Local Venezuelan teams are the opponents for the most part. The laughter, the tears, the heart wrenching losses, and the triumphs give CA B-Ball the people's choice award.


CA has only a Varsity girls team. The emotion and earnest striving for victory gives them a chance. Usually with only one or two games a week they have given the fans a little something to watch and even get into.


Even if you don't like softball why miss the chance of sitting out under the tropic sun and getting a nice tan (just the girls)? For you who like softball we got it for JV and Varsity guys and girls.

CA Cougars clean up in softball, all levels win more than they lose.


soccer is a sport that CA has for all ages and skill levels. soccer rivals basketball because of the intensity and love for the game that its players feel. The attendance is high but that is because people are in search of a tan, even though there are a few and I mean a few soccer fans.

You won't get cut from the teams unless you have bad grades, so come no matter what your skill level and play!

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