'...That in all things CHRIST 
might have the preeminence.' 
		Col 1:18b

CA's Final Year

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Final Year

Last Update: Nov. 2001

Site Design:
Kenny Befus ('99)
Uncle Jim Smith

The Final Year Logo & Motto

Memorabilia with this logo
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"Christ preeminent - for CA and beyond!"

The CA Completion Committee desired to accentuate the positive. The logo design is intended to evoke a sense of the many years of excellent ministry that CA has provided the missions community as a whole. The Final Year Motto associated with the logo is indicative of our desire that CA continue on through those who have ministered here and those who have benefited from that ministry.


The Final Year was one of celebration for God's many blessings to CA ... our alumni and our former staff! The theme for the year, "Christ Preeminent for CA and Beyond"reflects the focus that was the key in Rubio since 1952 and also captures the idea that our "people" have taken the things they have learned in this little Andean town to the far corners of the earth.

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