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CA is an absolute monstrosity in social matters.  We have activities galore flowing out of this extremely great city. Some of these activities include, snowboarding, miniature golf, concerts, the mall, and sitting around at the dorm doing nothing. O.K. maybe we can't snowboard, play miniature golf, go to concerts, or go to the mall. We can sit around in the dorm though and do nothing. Actually, there are some things we can do. We do have some excellent things in this small town to do. We have free access to many basketball courts, there is a bunch of nice café's around Rubio, we can climb mountains and explore the wild wilderness,
we can take trips to the local metropolitan downtown area (which consists of a one block area of little stores that sell tons of different trinkets).
There is also the very exciting and nerve racking TFL. (Table Football League to you who are TFL impaired). Anyway, keep on reading to find out more on the Social World at CA. Socially CA is not a power house as you have probably figured out but there are a few things to do.

La Petit

The Petit is nothing big, as suggested by its name, but this little sidewalk cafe plays a huge role in CA life. The Petit Poupeé ("The Little Doll" in French) brings in about 50% of CA students funds. Maybe that is not quite true, but it seems like it because of the answers to these problems...

      "I'm hungry, I didn't like that dorm meal."
      "I'm thristy."
      "Too late for breakfast?"
      "I am BORED of doing homework!"

... all happen to be, "Hey, let's go to the Petit."

TFL (table football league) was a new addition to C.A. last year. The League consists of 20 teams split into two conferences each of which consists of two divisions. Every Wednesday night all of the teams would meet in the boys dorm to play their weekly games. "It gave me a reason to live. It gave me something to look forward to in the middle of the week when hope was gone. A glimmer of light in the darkness." said Kenny Befus the owner of the Sweet Spirits. Another player, Tim Brink, had emotional problems answering the question, (crying at first and then saying) "It has provided many hours of procrastination of my homwork," (broken by some more tears and sniffling) "and the bonding of my," (more crying) "procrastinating dawgs." Tim then broke down into tears and had to leave the room. TFL is not just a one year thing either. It will be back for its second season next year. When asked whether he'll be back next year Micah Huffman the commander of the Fighting Ninjas replied, "Its not a question of whether I'll be back but of how powerful I'll be. I'm working on a brutal exercising plan for my finger. It's going to be twice the muscle power. People will look at me and say, 'Is that your thumb?' Then I'll say, 'No, but it is my index finger.'" Sean Widmer answered, "Does a highschool male wear diapers when he's asking a girl on a date? I do, and of course I'll be back you retard." TFL is the Coolest.
Social Hour
One thing is for sure, when talking about Social activities at CA you can not forget about Social Hour, or can you? Social Hour is that fun time right after supper time and just before it is time to hit the books and study. The staff does a good job of shortening that hour but that's OK. Social 45 minutes is just the perfect amount of time to get in a game of Bump-Out, Butt, or Futbolito, or to sit around and hangout with your friends if you'd like.
I almost forgot StuGo, our Student Government. Besides working on ministries and financial things StuGo plans excellent social wonders. Almost every Friday night they sponsor an activity in which the entire High School partakes. Trips to the mountains, City Nights(we can go bowlig), games and even a couple of banquets (sentence fragment, I am sorry). These Friday Night Activities provide wonderful entertainment for us on a weekly basis.
From the bottom of my I heart I want to THANK YOU StuGo!
You might have noticed that TFL took up more room than anything else on this most entertaining CA social page and that is because it was the biggest excitement of the year. (Editor's Note: This is only ONE student's opinion!)

Of course all of this FUN is made is made possible by the friendships formed at CA. People come and go but the relationships formed at CA last a lifetime.

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