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How do you capture 49 years of memories in a single videotape? It is a question that has caused me to wake from a fitful sleep in a cold sweat for the past few months. Over 25 hours of video and more than 1500 images surround me and taunt me. Each scene, each photo, each word screams of an experience that must be told to be completely understood and appreciated, and yet, they are experiences that are common to each student and staff member who has passed through CA.

There are common themes throughout the years. After studying every yearbook in search of the faces that will help tell the story of CA, I have determined that at least one picture of someone looking through a microscope must have been on the checklist of every yearbook editorial staff. I have seen CA from every vantage point simply by studying the places where various classes and clubs posed for their photos.

What will the video contain? Questions that could be answered by anyone who has ever been there, and answers that will jog your memory, bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. I can tell you that it will touch you deeply. It has touched me... and I've only spent two weeks there over the past 20 years.

Visually, I will include as many pictures as I can, primarily in montages dedicated to each decade, and video shot as recently as this spring. If you do not see yourself somewhere in this production... I will be truly amazed.

Musically you'll hear the school song ... both versions... and several selections from "Joyful Sound". You can even practice your Spanish skills with some authentic Venezuelan folk songs. The musical grand finale?... that's a secret!

The production is in the final stages, with a first draft expected in the next 2 weeks. You won't want to miss your opportunity to own a copy of this treasured keepsake!

That's what professional producer, Alan Fleming, has to say about this commemorative Christiansen Academy video, "Christ Preeminent - for CA and Beyond". Attractively presented in a "Disney-style" puffy box, the video will be ready on May 20th..

Pat (Wickline) Engle will be handling the distribution of the video from her home in Rockford, Il. while copies will also be available at the Alumni Homecoming in June.

To get your copy send your payment to:

Mrs. Patricia Engel
4807 Mohawk Road
Rockford, Il. 61107-2332

Make your checks payable to: Dallas or Patricia Engel

$10 if purchased in Rubio
$15 if purchased via mail (for first tape shipped to an address)
$12 for each additional tape shipped to the same address

If you have questions, please e-mail Pat at pengel@

To contact the producer of the video:

Renaissance Man, Inc.
785 Spruce Street
Emmaus, PA 18049
(610) 967-1981
Contact person: Alan Fleming

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